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2020 retreats include: Sedona, Shenandoah, Costa Rica and Mexico. Please see my retreat site to see more/book 

"I attended Emily and Paolo’s Italy retreat in June 2016, and loved every part of it! From the breathtakingly beautiful scenery to the feeling that you were living simply among an Italian community who acknowledged your presence but did not change themselves because you were there. All in all a non-touristy and fabulous setting to do daily yoga classes that made me challenge and improve my newly existing yoga practice. The classes were tailored for all abilities and what a joy it is to do them outside in a beautiful sheltered setting!!

Walking to the front of the castle to do yoga in the early morning, resting at the swimming pool surrounded by beautiful scenery in the afternoons and watching the sundown while enjoying fabulous Italian wine is what I remember with joy from my retreat in Italy. All of Emily’s yoga retreats are a must-have for anyone who feels that life is skipping along that little bit too fast and you want a little ‘me time’. I have been on two of Emily’s yoga retreats now, my second being Costa Rica, and her retreats invite you to unwind in a space that is warm, welcoming and unpretentious, where the thought of saying goodbye at the end of the trip is gut wrenching because you just don’t want to leave. <3" - JESSICA